For the last 15 years F Squared Magnetics Ltd has been manufacturing a range of customer designed passive and active transmissions sensors.

These sensors give a user defined output frequency that is directly proportional to the rotational speed of the target gear operating in temperatures up to 150 C With a combination of sensors some of our end users have successfully measured shaft torque.

The standard range also allows for any sensor to be dual output. Most Connector types can be accommodated, Tyco Amp, Sumitomo, Deutsch etc. And where crimps are applied , the quality is maintained by Swiss Crimp Force Analysis on the applicator tools.

We have also designed and manufacturer proportion output sensors to give a voltage output over a distances up to 18mm , here again dual output is available with a combination of rising and falling curves

Sensors can also be manufactured to suit customer requirements, one such application has lead us to produce over 2 million sensors and up to 250,000 per annum

  • Sensor: Aluminium Housing
  • Sensor: Brass Housing
  • Sensor: Passive
  • Sensor: Proportional Output
  • Sensor: Integrated Connector