ferrite magnets
Visit to Peoples Republic of China

F Squared Magnetics Ltd formed in 1987, on the Nottingham University Science Park, was the first company in the U.K. with the ability to design and produce complete voice coil motors, magnet assembly and coil, for use in computer disc drives. It was also the first U.K. company to use the high-energy Neodymium Iron Boron magnetic materials on production components.

In 1989 as a result of 40 years experience and unique knowledge of the magnet industry, the European Community commissioned Trevor Frost, F Squared Magnetics' Managing Director, to travel to Inner Mongolia in order to report on possible manufacturing, development and trade links between the Peoples Republic of China and the European Community for Neodymium Iron Boron, which consequently has seen the use of Neodymium in many applications.

The Company's production of coils tends to specialise on former-less coils produced on Swiss C.N.C. winding machines, single and multi-spindle, capable of programming to 0.001mm and winding at speeds of 20,000 r.p.m. This enables for manufacture of high specification coils from a one off development to production quantities of up to 1000 per shift.

Diversification has led F Squared Magnetics Ltd into a large variety of industries, ranging from Aerospace, Agricultural, Automotive, Construction, Education, Medical, Safety and Security, as well as being a supplier to individuals from it's large stock of permanent magnets.

F Squared Magnetics Ltd is proud to have amongst it's customers numerous Blue Chip companies in Europe and the U.S.A. The relationship with most of these respected customers has developed from the production of original designs and development, through prototyping to becoming approved product suppliers.